CONVICTED Glasgow murderer Joseph Steele made his protest against what

he claims is a miscarriage of justice at Buckingham Palace yesterday,

when he handcuffed and glued himself to railings outside.

Steele, who escaped on Sunday while on a home visit with a prison

guard to his mother's house in Garthamlock, had fled to London, but said

in a newspaper interview that he would soon give himself up.

Yesterday, he handcuffed himself and glued his fingers to the

railings. In case the imagery was not noticed, he wore a T-shirt bearing

a picture of Christ on the cross.

Steele, 31, was jailed nine years ago along with Thomas (TC) Campbell,

for the murder of six members of the Doyle family, who were burned to

death in their beds in an incident which became known as the Ice Cream


It took an hour to free Steele yesterday, with London Fire Brigade

dealing with the handcuffs and the ambulance service dissolving the glue

with solvent, before he was driven to Charing Cross Police Station.

On a previous home visit to his mother, Steele slipped away from his

escort to sit on the roof of the building with banners protesting his

innocence. Before that he went on hunger strike in prison complaining at

his lack of home visits. He has claimed that police fabricated evidence

against him and that a witness at his trial committed perjury.

His escape on Sunday appeared to be planned as a media event from the

beginning. He left a note apologising to his prison escort, and within

72 hours was giving an interview to Glasgow's Evening Times, stating

that he did not kill the Doyles and that he was ready to endure ''years

of hell'' to prove his innocence.

He went on: ''If I had murdered the Doyles I would have admitted it

and done my time quietly and without any fuss, to get an early release.

But to get parole you must admit your guilt and show remorse. I cannot

admit guilt or show remorse for something I didn't do.''

The Doyle family died when their home in Ruchazie was engulfed in

seconds after petrol was poured over a cupboard at the front door and

set alight. Mrs Lillian Doyle lost her husband James, sons Andrew,

Daniel, and Anthony, daughter Christine, and baby grandson Mark.

Last night, officers from Strathclyde Police were travelling to London

to escort Steele back to Scotland.