SUPPORTERS of Celtic FC were yesterday urged to boycott the Sun

newspaper after it published reports alleging that international

midfielder Paul McStay could be transferred to Rangers.

A leader column in the club's magazine, the Celtic View, says that the

newspaper ''over-stepped the mark'' in its article and adds: ''This

latest story is offensive to Celtic, Paul McStay, and Rangers.''

The leader writer, club chief executive Terry Cassidy, says he has not

spoken to the Sun since last May.

He continues: ''Certain Celtic fans have allegedly, misguidedly

thought of boycotting Celtic matches, pools, shops etc. All Celtic fans

have found something truly worth boycotting -- the Sun, don't buy it!

''No-one will talk to the Sun from Celtic as the last thing we would

wish to do is to give that publication any credibility so if you want

information about Celtic them (sic) you know you won't get it from the

Sun, you may get figments of the Sun's imagination.''

The Scottish editor of The Sun, Mr Bob Bird, said yesterday he stood

by last week's reports and did not expect the move to have any

meaningful effect on the newspaper's 300,000 circulation in Scotland.