A FATAL accident inquiry may be held into the death of the son of

millionaire motor dealer Arnold Clark, who was found dead in his

Helensburgh home early on Wednesday.

Mr Norman Clark, 33, is understood to have had a neck injury. He was

found in the kitchen of his detached villa in Lever Road, near

Helensburgh Golf Club, by his live-in girlfriend and work colleague,

Alice Robinson. Ms Robinson phoned 999 just before 6.30am.

It is understood Mr Clark asphyxiated himself. No-one else was

involved in the incident.

The couple worked at the Macharg Rennie and Lindsay group, in Partick,

Glasgow, one of more than 30 outlets operated by the Arnold Clark

Organisation in Scotland.

Ms Robinson's two teenage sons are also understood to have stayed with

the couple in Helensburgh. Mr Clark was recently divorced from his wife,

Caroline, and leaves an eight-year-old daughter, Kirsty. He was one of

four sons from Arnold Clark's first marriage.

His death was initially treated as suspicious. But senior police

officers confirmed late on Wednesday night that it was being treated as

a tragic accident.

The procurator-fiscal at Dumbarton, Mr Christopher Donnelly, confirmed

yesterday that a report would be submitted in due course to the Lord

Advocate, who would in turn decide whether or not a fatal accident

inquiry would be held.

A mandatory inquiry can be ordered only if a person is in legal

custody at the time of death or dies at their place of work. In other

cases an inquiry is held at the Lord Advocate's discretion.

Employees of the Arnold Clark Organisation throughout Scotland were

said to be still stunned yesterday by news of the death of the car

magnate's son.

The secretary of Mr Glen Gall, joint managing director of the motor

group, said no-one at the company was available for comment.

She added: ''It is purely a tragic and private bereavement.''

Mr David Clark, financial director and secretary of the Scottish Motor

Trade Association, said: ''Arnold is one of our most highly respected

members. We were absolutely horrified to hear of his son's death.

''Apart from being a top quality businessman, Arnold is also a very

nice person. We regret this tragedy has happened to a man who has put so

much into the motor trade.''

Mr Clark and his second wife, Philomena, are said to have been

devastated by the tragedy. They have two sons and four daughters --

John, Adam, Celia, Lucy, Stephanie and Amy.

The Arnold Clark Organisation is among the UK's 20 biggest car dealing

groups which controls more than 12% of new car franchises.

It is the biggest independent motor group in Scotland, with more than

30 sites. The group's annual turnover is estimated at #250m.