JIMMY FEIGHAN, a much-loved character on the Glasgow jazz scene, died

at the weekend. He was 66.

Mr Feighan, who had been ill for about a year, was best known as a

vibes player. But he was also a very talented drummer and tenor


He came to the fore in the sixties when he joined the quartet formed

by Peggy O'Keefe at the Chevalier Restaurant in Glasgow. Their working

association lasted many years and they also took part in radio and

television broadcasts together.

Miss O'Keefe said last night: ''Jimmy, apart from being an extremely

talented musician was just a lovely, affable person.''

Veteran jazz musician Bobby Thomson said: ''The first time I met Jimmy

he was playing the drums with a pipe band at a dance in the Central

Hotel, Glasgow. He was just a boy then but I realised he had a very

special talent. Afterwards he came to me for tenor sax lessons.''

When he was running his own group at Glasgow's Lorne Hotel Mr Feighan

helped Carol Kidd make her comeback to the scene. She had been raising a

family and lacked confidence. After her appearance with Mr Feighan she

went on to become an international star.

In the early days of Scottish Television he fronted the orchestra for

the Rooftop Dance Party series which featured many of Britain's top


Musician Bobby Wishart, who worked with him over the years, said:

''Jimmy was a catalyst who was responsible for bringing together the

talents of a great many people.''

In addition to his public appearances, Mr Feighan also taught the

drums in Glasgow schools.

He leaves his partner, Bernice.