A LICENCE to operate the Highlands' first full-time community radio

station has been awarded to Nevis Radio in Fort William.

The Radio Authority confirmed yesterday that the fledgling company had

satisfied the criteria to gain its own frequency, subject to raising

necessary funds.

Mr Raymond Hervo, head of music and programming controller, said the

company was confident of collecting more than #60,000 needed.

The local enterprise company, Lochaber Limited, has promised a large

part of the total and a number of Fort William businesses have also

agreed to provide funding.

Mr Hervo said the station should be on air in early summer, providing

10 hours of local radio each day, mostly a mixture of mainstream and

specialist music. It will take Moray Firth's services for the remainder

of the day. Nevis will initially be available to around 12,000 listeners

in the immediate vicinity of the town.