POLICE IN Edinburgh have dealt with more than 100 calls from the

public following the poisoning of tonic water at a supermarket.

A police spokesman said a number of leads were being followed up but

no new cases had been confirmed in addition to the four notified at the


Beatrice Agutter, aged 11, of Athelstaneford, East Lothian, was

yesterday said to be ''much improved'' at the Royal Hospital for Sick

Children in Edinburgh. Her mother, Dr Alex Agutter had earlier been

released. Both became violently ill after drinking tonic water spiked

with an atropine-type poison, derived from deadly nightshade.

Mrs Elizabeth Smith and her son Andrew, 18,also received hospital

treatment after drinking tonic bought at Safeway's Hunter's Tryst

supermarket in Edinburgh last Wednesday.

Dr Walter Sneader, of Strathclyde University said: ''Atropine itself

is one of the most deadly poisons. It does not take much to kill, and

had it been a young child or an elderly person it could have killed.''

Lothian and Borders police said yesterday detailed analysis of the

precise poison involved was continuing and results were not expected for

some time.