BRITAIN'S most under-worked policeman has an impeccable record as a

community's law enforcement officer -- 19 years without a single crime.

Roadman Archie McConnell has been a special constable since 1974 on

the Hebridean island of Colonsay -- population 102 -- where the last

recorded crime, treachery against the king, was in 1623.

His biggest investigation came two years ago when he interviewed the

crew of a yacht suspected of stealing a collection box from neighbouring


''I went in my roadman's boiler suit, stood the lads in a line and

asked the guilty parties to own up,'' he said in an interview with Bella


''They didn't, so I let the Oban police take over the case. I didn't

hear the result.''

The 52-year-old unpaid bobby does have a uniform -- which he last wore

on General Election day ''when I manned the polling booth to prevent