A CELEBRATION of 50 years of Muslim life in Glasgow was launched

yesterday to mark the founding in 1944 of the Jamiat Ittihad Muslimeen,

now Scotland's premier organisation for the preservation and promotion

of religious and cultural aspects of Islam.

The celebration, which lasts a week, will involve Glasgow Muslims

reaching out to involve other Scots in a series of community events.

The president of Jamiat, Mr Mohammed Ashraf Anjum, said: ''It is our

way of saying thank you to the city of Glasgow and its people.

''We are saying to the whole community here that we are part and

parcel of you and that you are most welcome to join us and take part in

our celebrations.

''We are also trying to alleviate some of the myths and

misunderstandings which surround Muslims and Islam.''

Mr Anjum said: ''Although Muslims have become an integral part of the

community and have achieved a reasonable economic standard there is more

to be desired, particularly in political representation.''

The original president of Jamiat, Mr Ata Mohammed Ashraf, now 92 and

living in Airdrie, will be a guest. Events will be centred on Glasgow

Central Mosque and Islamic Centre at Gorbals.

In the next week, children from 14 Glasgow schools will take part in

events at the Islamic Centre in an attempt to encourage young people to

work together and to appreciate other cultures.

Lunches will be held for the elderly and children with special needs.

A series of seminars will include one on Muslim women in the

twenty-first century and banquets will be given by both Glasgow District

Council and Strathclyde Regional Council.

There will also be a fete and bazaar at the Islamic Centre on Sunday

which will be by women and for women only.