A MAN turned himself into a human fireball as a protest against

Western inaction in Bosnia, an inquest heard yesterday.

Graham Bamford, 48, emptied a can of petrol over himself, flicked a

lighter and exploded in flames in London's Parliament Square as MPs in

the nearby House of Commons debated the Bosnia crisis on April 29.

Horrified witnesses watched helplessly as the blazing man staggered

around the square before collapsing.

He was taken by air ambulance to the Queen Mary's Hospital burns unit

in Roehampton, but died later from burns to 80% of his body.

Police found a book beside the empty petrol can containing the word

''Sarajevo'' and a message from Mr Bamford expressing frustration with

events in Bosnia and lack of action by politicians.

Coroner Dr Paul Knapman said at Westminster Coroner Court: ''He was

concerned about the events in Bosnia and the lack of action by

politicians in the West.

''He has taken his own life in a dramatic gesture which some have

described as futile.''

The coroner's verdict was that Mr Bamford killed himself and died from

shock due to burns.

The inquest heard that Mr Bamford taught English in Japan where he met

his wife, Tumiko.

The couple married when they returned to England and Mr Bamford

started a new business as a haulage contractor.

But his father Mr George Bamford, a retired architect, told the

inquest: ''He was a casualty of the recession and it affected his


He added: ''His business folded and his wife went back to Japan with

their daughter Carla.

''He went to Japan to patch up the marriage but his wife had decided

to start a new life.''

Mr Bamford returned to Britain and moved back to his parents' home in

Broken Cross, Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Despite unemployment and money worries, he made two donations of #250

and #100 to Christian Aid and sympathised with victims of Serbian

cruelty in Bosnia.

''He felt strongly about the events in Bosnia,'' his father said.