BRAD Pitt-stalkers and zombie chasers alike switched their focus yesterday from Glasgow to Grangemouth as filming continued on the blockbuster film World War Z.

Grangemouth residents woke up to a zombie apocalypse, as Pitt and his crew rolled in to film the next shots in the movie, with the town’s skyline and oil refineries acting as the latest backdrop.

The movie star was seen being towed along the road in a camper van as scenes were filmed on a road next to the oil refinery.

Sporting the characteristic scruffy stubble, Pitt was spotted sitting in the front of a Chevy Jamboree van.

An old teddy bear could be seen through the window -- although its role in the action remains unconfirmed.

The scene is reported to be one in which the character played by Pitt drives along the road in conversation with someone as he flees Philadelphia.

Onlookers in Grangemouth witnessed the scene being filmed with a series of vehicles, including a truck with a mounted camera that drove along the A905 Wholeflats Road.

Behind it was a lorry which pulled the camper van containing Pitt. The road was closed to traffic from 7pm on Saturday and was only due to be opened back up at 7am this morning, making it the first time resident motorists have been inconvenienced.

Central Scotland Police had warned the crowds to take care in and around Grangemouth.

Inspector Ian Scott said: “We recognise that there may be significant local interest in this filming taking place and would urge members of the public to take extra care on the roads and for drivers to be aware there may be pedestrians in the area.”

While most of the action was taking place in the east, filming for the movie continued to take place in Glasgow’s George Square, as crowds tried to get a glimpse of what was going on from various angles, including venues around the Italian Centre. The square was shut, with restricted pedestrian and vehicle access put in place.

On Saturday night, an eerie silence descended on Cochrane Street as filming finished for the day and the remains of the set -- including smashed-up cars and yellow taxis -- remained in place ahead of yesterday’s shooting.

Onlookers continued to gather at the road blocks and enter pubs in order to try to catch a glimpse, but Glasgow City Council warned of limited opportunities to see filming. In addition, they said people who did come to the square may be asked to move on or be stopped by stewards to allow filming to take place.

The cast and crew of 1200 have been shooting scenes in Glasgow since Wednesday, with filming for the movie -- which is due to be released next year -- taking place until August 31.

Pitt and his family, including actress Angelina Jolie and their six children, are staying at the five-star, 16th-century Carnell Estate in Ayrshire.