A GROUP of MPs will today call on Scottish ministers to reveal their plans for what Scotland would look like after independence.

Members of the Commons Scottish Affairs Committee, boycotted by the SNP, accuse the Scottish Government of holding back information. Its report says there are too many unanswered questions, including on the future of the armed forces and pension provision.

But the SNP denounced the document as an "embarrassment" last night and accused the committee of being biased against independence.

The report is released as both the Scottish and UK Governments hold separate consultations on how the planned independence referendum should be run.

It warns that more clarity is needed around six major policy issues, including currency, banking regulation, membership of international institutions, such as the EU, and the costs of separation as well as defence and pensions.

The committee said it had issued the list to help set the terms of its inquiry.

It went on to challenge Scottish ministers, saying they should provide answers that they have "already formulated" to issues.

Ian Davidson, the Labour MP who chairs the committee, said there was "confusion and concern" about a number of policy areas and said: "We expect those who support the break-up of Britain to explain the consequences for the jobs and lives of ordinary Scots."

The Glasgow MP also called on Scottish Secretary Michael Moore to help the committee obtain factual and unbiased information.

Stewart Hosie, the SNP Westminster chief whip, said the report was an "embarrassment to its authors". He said the committee had a "predictably pejorative approach to the issue of Scotland's constitutional future".