Twenty-three years ago in December 1988 my daughter Flora and 258 others boarded a scheduled flight, PA103, from Heathrow bound for New York.

Thirty-eight minutes after take-off they died a horrible death over Lockerbie; 11 died below among a rain of debris.

Who murdered her? Is someone still blocking exposure of the truth? Why was she not protected in all the circumstances surrounding the Lockerbie flight? Those are our questions and we intend to get answers, grievously delayed though we have been by the focus on Megrahi and Libya.

Now comes a new doubt. The Megrahi court was deliberately denied vital evidential material which, had it been heard, might have introduced insuperable doubt as to the prosecution case, and the cause of the absence of that material from the court hearing is still, 23 years later, unknown. This is the last straw.

In the night of 20/21 December 1988, 16 hours before the catastrophe, a night watchman at Heathrow called Manly discovered evidence of a break-in allowing entrance to "airside", close to where the luggage container [later shown to have contained the Lockerbie bomb in its suitcase] was loaded up for PA103 the following evening.

In January 1989, Manly was interviewed by Scotland Yard Special Branch. The interviewing officer actually had the disrupted padlock on the table during the interview.

Yet it was not until after the Zeist court had reached its verdict against Megrahi on his alleged placing of the bomb in Malta, that the news of the break-in finally surfaced.

I understand even more compelling evidence against the authenticity of the "PT35b" fragment will emerge this very week. Please weigh it up, dear reader, as it emerges.

All we seek is the truth, and we are tired of waiting.