IT is already expected to be the biggest boost for Scotland since Braveheart and now cartoon giant Disney is embarking on an unprecedented marketing marriage with tourism chiefs to sell its latest film around the world.

The Walt Disney Company and VisitScotland are to link up to run a new global campaign to promote Scottish tourism.

It will be based around the much-anticipated Disney Pixar film Brave, which is set in the Highlands and features the voices of Scotland's top stars, including Billy Connolly, Robbie Coltrane, Kelly Macdonald, Kevin McKidd and Craig Ferguson.

It is the first time Disney has teamed up on this scale with a country's tourism organisation around the launch of one of its films.

It is hoped the marketing push will bring tourists to see not only the stunning backdrops depicted in the film and traditions such as Highland Games, but also mysterious stone circles such as Callanish, ancient fortresses steeped in dastardly history like Stirling, and the sites of battles and monster legends.

Tricia Wilber, chief marketing officer of The Walt Disney Company Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: "Brave takes its inspiration from the majesty and mystery of Scotland, and features the voices of many much-loved Scottish stars, so it's fitting to create a global campaign with VisitScotland to further bring to life the iconic Scottish landscapes and folklore that inspired the film."

Mark Andrews, director of Brave, added: "Brave is an amazing magical adventure with larger than life characters – including Scotland itself.

"During our research, we learned that everything in Scotland tells a story – every stone, tree, mountain – which is why we are so proud this beautiful country is the backdrop of our film."

VisitSotland and Disney will begin working to create a global marketing campaign around the new animated adventure – which is released around the world this summer and comes from the team behind box office smashes such as Toy Story, Up and Finding Nemo.

The push will include multi-media activities such as joint television and cinema advertising across the UK, North America and Europe, PR opportunities, digital marketing and events including premieres and screenings that will continue through the film's home entertainment release.

The campaign will mean Scotland's scenery, humour and culture is showcased on an unprecedented scale and it is designed to position Scotland on the world stage in a way not seen since Braveheart, tourism chiefs said.

VisitScotland chairman Mike Cantlay said: "This is an incredible opportunity to extend the reach of VisitScotland's marketing activity across the world.

"This film will be shown in more than 70 countries and will give us an opportunity to convert cinema-goers into visitors in the biggest campaign VisitScotland has ever launched.

"There are very few tourism destinations that get to work so closely with the world's largest entertainment companies – and this gives us an unprecedented opportunity to put Scotland on the worldwide stage with a whole new audience."

Tourism minister Fergus Ewing said he believed Brave could top the success of Toy Story and could help bring people to Scotland, saying it will be a case of "you've seen the film, now see the country".

Brave features a flame-haired heroine, Merida – voiced by Macdonald – who is the daughter of King Fergus (Connolly) and Queen Elinor, (Emma Thompson).

The film will be in UK cinemas in August and will be shown in 3D in selected cinemas.