ARROGANT David Gilroy gave an astonishing interview to Sky News on his doorstep, denying any involvement, shortly after being questioned again by police officers who were quietly and painstakingly building their case against him.

Reporter James Matthews confronted Gilroy outside his home in Edinburgh 19 days after Suzanne Pilley disappeared.

Asked directly: "Did you kill Suzanne Pilley?"

He replied: "I've got nothing to say, I've assisted the police with questions. That's the extent of things.

"Suzanne and I had a relationship until January of this year, when I moved back to the family home with my wife and children and that's when the relationship ended."

He was asked again: "There is clearly a belief in some quarters that you are a murderer, that you killed Suzanne Pilley. What do you say to that?"

Gilroy said: "Well, that's not the case and the police will do their investigation and time will show that I don't have anything to answer to."

The killer became more irritated as he was pressed and accused of Ms Pilley's murder as he carried flowers and groceries from a car into his house.

He was asked: "When was the last time you saw Suzanne?

"Eh, about four weeks ago."

Then he was quizzed: "What was your exchange?"

"We purely had a discussion about the return of some other possessions of mine and about me continuing to assist her with completing a flat which I had been doing as a friend."

In the final question he is asked: "What would you say to the relatives of Suzanne Pilley?" Gilroy responds: "Obviously I would say the same as everybody is, everybody's worried. I don't know her mum and dad very well – I only met them a couple of times – but everybody would be concerned."