BRITAIN will bask in temperatures 7ºC above average as the unseasonal March weather is due to continue over the weekend.

The heatwave will strike the whole of Britain, with Sunday's high expected in Scotland, while the Welsh town of Aberystwyth will show the largest rise on average temperatures.

Meteorologist Sally Webb said: "On Sunday we could see 20ºC in Kinloss, Scotland. The biggest difference with the average temperature will be in Aberystwyth, which will be 7ºC higher than normal.

"In the east there may still be clouds and fog which will clear eventually.

"The last time we saw temperatures like this in Britain was in 2005. It does not happen often, but it is nice when it does.

"There is a high pressure system in the North Sea which is affecting the whole of Europe. "

Yesterday the temperature topped 20C for the first time in the UK this year. A temperature of 20.1ºC was recorded at Otterbourne, Hampshire, a few days before the start of British Summer Time on Sunday.