"Woah", said Donald Trump, as he stared at Miss Scotland at a reception to launch his golf course in Aberdeenshire.

"She's beautiful. She may want to work with sales and stuff."

The apparent willingness to offer a woman a job on the basis of her looks is one of the most revealing moments in a fly-on-the-wall documentary about the controversial US billionaire. For seasoned Trump-watchers, it will come as no surprise.

The 65-year-old man with the world's most famous toupee surrounds himself with attractive young women. He is co-owner of the organisation that runs the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA beauty contests.

Dubbed "The Donald", Trump has been married three times, and has five children and four grandchildren. His latest wife, Melania Knauss, is a former swimwear model from Slovenia. She is 24 years younger than him.

His chosen representative in Scotland, Sarah Malone, won the title "Face of Aberdeen" in a newspaper contest. "I called her," Trump told a golf magazine. "I said, 'Do you know anything about golf?' She said, 'No.' I said, 'Good, you're hired.'"

As the host of the US TV version of The Apprentice, he has crafted his public image as a bruiser who enjoys serious rough and tumble in the political and business world.

In making the award-winning film You've Been Trumped, Anthony Baxter gained an insight into how Trump works. "He's rather like a spoiled child used to getting his way," Baxter said. "I was struck by how he never says 'please' or 'thank you'. In fact, I never heard him say those words over the months of making the film."

He added: "I've learned in my time of following the tycoon to take everything Trump says with a pinch of salt. He knows that if he says things enough times people will believe it, and print it as fact."

According to Baxter, Trump thinks everything is for sale. In the film he is seen offering a job to a local resident who has opposed him, and suggesting he wants to "get rid" of another's house. "It's our property," Trump said. "We can do what we want."

The film is being shown at a special screening at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday, hosted by the Green MSP Patrick Harvie. It will then be shown in cinemas across Scotland to coincide with the scheduled opening of Trump's golf course in July.