"We will create the conditions in which every child will learn two languages in addition to their own mother tongue."

Scottish Government Languages Working Group key recommendations:

l Schools to offer children access to an additional language from Primary 1.

l A second additional language to be introduced for pupils at a later stage – no later than P5.

l The Scottish Government to fund a number of pilot projects in 2012/13 on introducing access to language learning in primary schools from P1.

l Language learning to be recognised as an entitlement for all young people through to the end of their broad general education, S1 to S3.

l Students undertaking a primary school teaching course to have a languages qualification at Higher level or equivalent, either on entering the course or on its completion.

l To have a national recruitment strategy and campaign aimed at encouraging the ablest of young people with requisite qualifications and an interest in languages to embark on initial teacher education in language teaching in secondary schools and teaching in primary schools.

l The appointment of foreign language assistants is considered a key element. Work on this is to be undertaken and involve local authorities, British Council Scotland and Scotland's National Centre for Languages.

l The Scottish Government to consider the resource implications for supporting the introduction of the languages policy and to consider making additional funding available to local authorities.