A SUPERMARKET has been forced to remove a sign encouraging people to buy large amounts of alcohol following pressure from a leading campaign group.

The Sainsbury's store in Bothwell Street, Glasgow, had a "manager's choice" sign in the alcohol aisle urging customers to buy a case of wine rather than a bottle.

The sign, which read "pick up a case, it's easier", was highlighted to Alcohol Focus Scotland, who then wrote to the supermarket to complain.

Their letter stated: "I wonder in what way you think it is easier for customers to pick up a case of wine, rather than a single bottle?

"It certainly isn't easier to carry, but perhaps what you mean is it's easier to drink over the recommended limits if someone purchases a case?

"I understand that Sainsbury's are signatories to the Government's Responsibility Deal, the core commitment of which is to foster a culture of responsible drinking. Encouraging customers to purchase more alcohol than they intended does not seem compatible with the commitments of the Responsibility Deal."

Sainsbury's has since apologised and removed the sign.

Dr Evelyn Gillan, chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, said: "This was yet another example of irresponsible alcohol retail practices by supermarkets who claim to be responsible retailers, committed to fostering a culture of responsible drinking."

A Sainsbury's spokesperson said: "This sign was displayed in the store in error. The notice was taken down immediately and we have contacted Alcohol Focus Scotland to assure them that this will not happen again."

The row follows an announcement last month that Scotland will have a minimum price for alcohol next year after MSPs voted in favour.