IT'S a roadside sign familiar to thousands of travellers across the Highlands.

But now Transport Scotland has conceded the "No overnight parking" signs are illegal following a one-man campaign.

Andy Strangeway, from Yorkshire, began his campaign for the removal of the signs at lay-bys across the Highlands last September, because he believed them to be illegal.

Now Transport Scotland agrees with him and has said 50 signs will be removed by the end of August.

Described as "a decorator, adventurer and islomaniac", Mr Strangeway has been seeking answers from the Highland Council, Northern Constabulary and Transport Scotland about restrictions on main tourist routes for 10 months.

He argued the signs were "erected to deceive road users into believing that they could not park overnight", adding the authorities could not demonstrate there were any time limits to using lay-bys.

He said they ran counter to Northern Constabulary's support signs advising "Tiredness kills, take a break", as they were telling the overnight motorist to carry on driving.

Transport Scotland told Mr Strangeway: "Although the signs were erected with good intentions in an attempt to encourage responsible use of lay-bys, the proper processes were not followed to prohibit overnight parking. The signs should be removed."