FOOTBALL pundit Pat Nevin has told how he has received death threats in response to his campaigns against racism and sectarianism.

The former Scotland, Chelsea and Everton winger said he was targeted by Far Right elements in the 1980s when he campaigned against racism in football. He also revealed he has received more threats to his life in the last couple of years from Old Firm fans, due to his anti-sectarian stance.

Nevin, 48, who now works as a football writer and broadcaster, said the threats had no effect on him and that he would continue to "fight the good fight".

He said: "I got a few of them [death threats]. I've had two different sets of them.

"I got them early on in my career when I was at Chelsea, from the Far Right, when I was starting up the campaign against racism in football.

"I've had a few more recently, over the last couple of years, for the anti-sectarian stuff I've been standing up for. Some people don't seem to agree with that."

Nevin made the claim on a special edition of BBC Radio Scotland's Off The Ball football chat show, broadcast from the Edinburgh Fringe.

Asked whether the threats had come from Celtic or Rangers fans, he replied: "Amazingly, they don't sign it."

He added: "I'm just trying to say to people 'try to live together, be friendly'. It's not that complicated."