A Labour MP said she was "embarrassed" after a Westminster debate on Scotland and the European Union was cancelled when she turned up late.

Pamela Nash, the Airdrie and Shotts MP, had secured the event in Westminster Hall, a parallel debating chamber to the Commons.

The debate had been expected to be high profile following recent controversy on Scotland's EU membership following independence. But officials cancelled the debate after Miss Nash arrived late.

She told The Herald: "I was 45 seconds late for the start of the debate. I have been in bed with the flu for a few days and perhaps I should have pulled it but I knew it was important."

Miss Nash also said she had been having problems with her printer, adding: "I had been printing out and then ran down to the debate."

She added: "I'm a bit embarrassed about it all but these things happen. This is a hard lesson learned."

However, she denied she was "running scared" on the issue. She said she intended to apply again as soon as possible for another chance to hold the debate, meaning it could be scheduled within weeks.

Earlier this year, SNP MSP Joan McAlpine was forced to apologise when she missed a slot to question the First Minister.

SNP MP Pete Wishart said: "Pamela Nash's failure to attend her own debate, which was cancelled as a result, speaks volumes about the low priority Labour places on Scotland's interests."

The party's leader at Westminster Angus Robertson also welcomed moves towards Croatia's membership of the EU.

He said: "No European nation has stood in the way of Croatian EU membership and I look forward to Scotland having full membership rights when we become an independent country following a successful Yes vote in the referendum."