The next series of one of BBC Scotland's most successful programmes, Mrs Brown's Boys, is unlikely to be broadcast for nearly two years.

Fans of the comedy, filmed in Glasgow and produced by BBC Scotland with RTE, may have to wait until late 2014 for the fourth series to be broadcast on BBC1, where it has attracted seven million viewers.

The show's star, writer and comedian Brendan O'Carroll, has a packed schedule in the coming year, including an arena tour featuring his character Agnes Brown, as well as a movie featuring the character, a Dublin market stall holder with many children and relatives.

Mr O'Carroll said he wanted to make more episodes of the programme at the National Television Awards last week, where it won the best situation comedy award, but is unlikely to write the fourth run until next year. A spokesman for BBC Scotland said it was looking forward to filming more episodes of Mrs Brown's Boys and said it would be back on the screen in the near future.

It is understood some specials will be filmed, which may be broadcast at Christmas.

However, the producers understand Mr O'Carroll's diary is a "nightmare" and the production of a complete new series may take some time.

Its Christmas Eve special on BBC1 had an audience of more than 11 million viewers, beating EastEnders, Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife.

Recently, Mr O'Carroll said: "I always said it would be three series but it's been so successful, once we've finished the movie there may be the possibility of a fourth series. I certainly didn't think I would be so fond of it after three series. I honestly thought I would be fed up."

His live tour had sold 250,000 tickets by Christmas.

The sitcom, born out of a character created by Mr O'Carroll 20 years ago for Irish radio, began with fewer than three million viewers when it first aired on BBC1 in 2011.

BBC bosses discovered the stage version of Mrs Brown at the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow three years ago, and despite being panned by critics it has grown a large audience.