Political fiction and reality met as the Deputy First Minister welcomed the star of hit drama Borgen to Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon met Sidse Babett Knudsen, who plays the Danish Prime Minister in the show, ahead of a screening of the series two finale and a question and answer session with fans in Edinburgh.

The political drama, which is shown on BBC4, has been a big hit with viewers who identify its themes of family and relationships as well as the behind-the-scenes political dealings.

Many Scottish politicians are fans of the show with Ms Sturgeon often tweeting about it during its regular Saturday night slot.

The Deputy First Minister was delighted to be able to introduce Knudsen before a third screening of Borgen at the Filmhouse in the capital today.

The actress presented Ms Sturgeon with a signed box set of the first two series with the message, "to Nicola, lovely meeting you, Sidse."

Last week Ms Sturgeon said: "There are bits of the Borgen world that I definitely recognise, I certainly know how it feels to get through a tough day in parliament in a pair of high heels.

"Sometimes life in Borgen seems a little bit wilder than Holyrood but it's definitely one of the most credible fictional accounts of the corridors of power and life in politics that I've seen on television."

Knudsen seems to have taken well to Scotland and wore a red tartan suit for the screening.

The Dane said she enjoys playing the role of Prime Minister, or 'Statsminister' as it is known in her homeland, but she would not like to do the job in real life.

She told the Sunday Herald: "I know more about politicians because of the research and being in the programme. I know more about the process of a law being installed.

"But I'm definitely not going to go into politics. It hasn't pulled me in that direction."

Earlier today while Knudsen was appearing on a political television programme Ms Sturgeon tweeted: "The 'statsminister' looking splendid in tartan this morning #borgen."