Two friends from Greenock who met through a game of darts 38 years ago have really hit the “bullseye” after scooping just over £1.2 million on The National Lottery.

Henry Milne (60) and Joe McKay (63) have been playing darts regularly since meeting in 1975. After building a long-term solid friendship the pair decided to start a Lottery syndicate.

After being regular players for years, the pair were delighted to see six of their Lucky Dip numbers come up on Saturday 16 March.

Originally from Aberdeen, dad of three Henry said: "It was my turn to put the lines on this particular week, and knowing that I like the occasional play my wife Margaret put on five lines for us instead of our usual two.

"It wasn't until Tuesday night that I remembered I hadn’t checked the ticket, so I went online and there it was - all six numbers. I just went into shock. Margaret came in and checked them again and said I better get up to see Joe because his phone was ringing out.

"There was no way I could drive in that state, so my two daughters bundled me into my car and walked me straight into Joe’s living room.

"Joe didn't believe me until the girls showed him the ticket and cross referenced it with my phone. It’s just such an amazing thing to have happen to us, especially as we’re nearing retirement age. We're just two regular guys who like a pint in the pub. We would never have predicted this happening – not in a million years."

Born and bred in Port Glasgow, dad of four Joe added: "The timing couldn’t be any better. I have worked in the building trade my whole life and it’s only recently that I have found myself unemployed because there’s just nothing out there at the moment. But now I feel as though I can relax a little knowing that I have some money tucked away to see me and partner Margaret through."

When asked what their first big purchases will be Joe modestly answered: "I am going to upgrade my car. The old 03 plate Nissan is on its last legs. I don’t know what car I will get, but it will definitely be a much appreciated upgrade."

Henry said that he would like to continue working as a heavy goods driver for the time being but would consider taking a well-deserved holiday with his wife.

The winning ticket was bought at Cowden’s Newsagent, Lynedoch Street, Greenock . The winning numbers were 1, 11, 12, 27, 48, 49 and Bonus Ball 19.