Specialist Crime Division

The powerful new division of Police Scotland will tackle serious crime such as murders, rapes, drugs offences and human trafficking.

The division will comprise of more than 2000 officers and replaces the existing Serious Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency.

It will be headed up by Deputy Chief Constable Iain Livingston and will also have responsibility for the national and regional intelligence bureaux, border control and counter-terrorism.


A specialist Fugitives Unit will target serious offenders on the run from Scotland, as well as foreign criminals who may be hiding out in the country.

The unit will allow officers to travel to other countries to trace and arrest wanted criminals. It will draw on the worldwide, multimillion-pound resources of bodies such as the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, Interpol and Europol, and work in co-operation with police in other countries and the International Co-operation Unit at the Crown Office.

Road policing

An elite national road traffic unit will be put in place under the new force amid plans to put more traffic officers on the country's road.

The Trunk Roads Patrol Group will be tasked with providing high-profile traffic enforcement on major national routes, including motorways, working out of 10 bases across Scotland.

Sexual offences

The reform plans will include the creation of a national rape investigation unit in a bid to combat a traditionally low conviction rate. The unit will feature officers who will look at unsolved rape cases or cases where the evidence is disputed.

Domestic abuse

A scheme is to be set up to allow victims of domestic abuse to report crimes without having to go to a police station. Strathclyde Police have been using the system since 2009, with a high success rate. The move has been welcomed by Scottish Women's Aid.


The single force will allow specialist firearms cover to be stepped up in quieter and more rural areas of Scotland.

A network of armed police response units will be deployed across the country for the first time to give all areas the same level of protection.

All 14 divisions of the new single force will have access to the response units, which will be arranged in hubs located throughout Scotland.