Yes, he's no dictator

SNP MSP Joan McAlpine has been singing the praises of a lighthearted internet film titled Top 10 Unionist Myths Debunked by the artists-for- independence group National Collective.

Her favourite in the Top of the Pops-style run-down is an item explaining that Alex Salmond is not a dictator. But has she played the clip through to the end? It also insists he will step down if Scotland becomes independent and suggests that folk unimpressed with the SNP should vote Yes to get rid of him.

Bumping along

There was head scratching in Downing Street during the week over the perfect time for David Cameron to hold a questions and answers session in Glasgow designed to attract maximum attention for his views on Trident.

The problem was the late realisation that Prince William would also be in Glasgow with his wife Kate.

A Coalition source says: "Everyone is obsessed with the bump these days. And that is not a reference to poll ratings."

God and Mammon

The First Minister has been making the most of the Holyrood recess with a top junket – sorry, vital diplomatic mission – to New York and Washington. With a nod to Adam Smith, the FM speaks today at Princeton University on "The Wealth & Well-being of Nations".

Unionist sceptics will note the ominous venue is "Room 101".

However, Nationalists who share Salmond's belief that he is God's gift can also take considerable cheer from the fact the talk is "co-sponsored by the Program in Law and Public Affairs and the Center of Theological Inquiry".

Big pledge

SCOTLAND'S children's charities have been less than impressed with the roll-out of the Government's new Third Sector Early Intervention Fund.

The Big Lottery Fund, which was brought in to share out the £20 million pot of cash on behalf of the Government, had to postpone a decision after some 400 organisations put in bids totalling £73m.

At least Big's press chief, John Fellows, is doing his bit to build bridges with the sector. The former SNP spin doctor is running the London marathon – to raise cash for leading kids charity Children 1st.

Do the McMath

Scottish Labour is seeking to bolster its press operation after the departure of James Mills, who has returned to a Westminster role as aide to Airdrie and Shotts MP Pamela Nash.

Unspun understands Lynn McMath has been lined up to join the Holyrood team. We're not saying this is why Labour is hiring her but Lynn's experience of crisis management is second to none.

Her previous jobs include a tough stint as tram communication manager at Edinburgh City Council.