The Scottish Parliament will debate the legacy of Baroness Thatcher on the day of her funeral, provoking anger from Tory MSPs.

The Green-Independent group have set aside their allotted time in parliament to stage a debate and are calling for all MSPs to participate.

The late former prime minister divided opinion and the proposed title for the Holyrood debate is 'There is still such a thing as society', reflecting a quote from Baroness Thatcher in 1987 when she said: "There's no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families."

There will be no formal motion or voting in the debate.

Green leader Patrick Harvie said: "Margaret Thatcher has died, but the tragedy for huge numbers of people is that Thatcherism as an ideology still lives. We aim to encourage honest consideration of the legacy of Thatcherism, the core elements of which - competition and selfishness - continue to affect our society and our economy.

"Despite her efforts to undermine Scotland's shared values and public services, it is important to assert that our society still exists. Collective solutions to shared problems are all the more important in light of the failure of the Thatcherite economic model.

"By encouraging an open debate I hope we'll see a bit less of the tribal politics Holyrood has suffered of late and bit more of an effort to acknowledge our shared aspirations for Scottish society.

"There are those on both sides of the independence divide who oppose the values of Thatcherism; they will need to find ways to work together after the referendum, whatever the result."

But Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said: "We will be contesting the timing of this motion which seems to have been designed to cause the most upset and controversy.

"The Scottish Conservatives will have no problem partaking in this debate when it arrives. But we believe the Greens should reconsider whether their own narrow-minded agenda is more important than the funeral of one of the UK's finest-ever leaders."