A CAMPAIGN group calling for an end to animal research has highlighted a case at Glasgow University in which they claim at least 31 hamsters were subject to cruelty.

In the wake of the C.diff outbreak at the Vale of Leven Hospital, which claimed at least 28 lives, the animals were infected with the R20291 strain of C.diff, resulting in "100% mortality", according to a report in the Journal of Medical Microbiology in 2011.

The National Anti- Vivisection Society (NAVS) said "animals were killed at different points" and "the internal effects of the bacteria included volcanic-like eruptions and rapid and extensive damage".

On World Day for Laboratory Animals, NAVS is calling for more transparency in animal research.

Chief executive Jan Creamer, together with Annette Crosbie, Brian Blessed and MPs Adrian Sanders, Caroline Lucas, Kerry McCarthy and Jim Dowd, will hand in a giant postcard and letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, call- ing for greater accountability. Ms Creamer said: "It is disgraceful that there is no proper public scrutiny of such experiments."

A Glasgow University spokesman said: "The university adheres to extremely strict ethical and welfare guidelines."