CALLS have been made for the Coalition Government to examine new data that reveals the extent of CIA rendition flights through UK airports, including Glasgow and Prestwick.

An academic research project found evidence that British involvement in the controversial programme was much more substantial than previously thought.

It found more than 1620 flights in and out of the UK by aircraft documented as being involved in rendition, which involve prisoners being covertly transported around the world.

Prestwick and Glasgow both featured in the top three most-used UK airports, beaten only by Luton.

The Tory-LibDem Coalition is currently sitting on an official report examining Britain's involvement in rendition since the 9/11 attacks in America in 2001. The report was handed to ministers last summer by Sir Peter Gibson, a retired judge, who spent a year analysing classified government documents.

He had been due to hold an inquiry into the issue but that was shelved after police announced a criminal investigation.

Ruth Blakeley, a senior lecturer at Kent University and one of the academics who has compiled the Rendition Project, called on the UK Government to look at the evidence.

She said: "I think if [the Gibson report] does not take a look at the information we have provided then it will be incomplete."

Angus Robertson, the SNP leader at Westminster, said there were still many unanswered questions about these flights through Scottish and other airports.

He added: "While there are legitimate reasons for intelligence flights, there are continuing concerns about the process of rendition where people are transported against their will from country to country."

But a spokesman for the Cabinet Office said he was unaware of any mechanism to reopen the report but added that "ministers have always said that if anyone has any evidence they should always bring it forward".

He also confirmed that no date has yet been set for the publication of Sir Peter's report.

Scotland Yard has opened an investigation into UK-Libya renditions following the dis- covery of intelligence files after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi's regime.