A NUCLEAR power plant that was shut down two years ago due to an influx of jellyfish has been switched off again because of a rising tide of seaweed.

Engineers switched off the Torness power plant in Dunbar, East Lothian, on Thursday night after becoming concerned that heavy seas would clog its reactors' cooling system with floating vegetation.

Owners EDF Energy said both reactors were taken offline at the 1280MW plant.

However, the company stressed there was no danger as the power system was designed to be shut on and off as circumstances demand. It said: "Unit 2 at Torness power station came offline due to increased seaweed levels as a result of the severe weather and sea conditions in the area.

"This was followed by a decision to take Unit 1 offline ... as a precautionary measure."

An update on EDF's website said reactor 1 would be offline for the next 14 days while reactor 2 would not generate electricity for at least a week.