THE political party affiliated with loyalist paramilitary group the Ulster Volunteer Force is to visit Scotland as part of its opposition to the independence referendum.

The Progressive Unionist Party (PUP) said it would send a delegation "in the coming months" following a meeting with a prominent Rangers FC supporters group in Belfast at the weekend.

The PUP described its meeting with the Vanguard Bears as "positive and productive", with the supporters' organisation claiming further meetings between the groups will be scheduled.

It comes as a tiny Loyalist grouping calling itself the Commonwealth Unionist Party gathered outside Glasgow City Chambers to protest against the local authority's policy on flying the Union flag.

It is understood the group has even offered to buy the city council a new flag pole to allow it to fly the Union flag alongside the Saltire, the most commonly flown flag over the Chambers.

The Commonwealth Unionist Party has been monitoring the council's flag rotation for months, raising official complaints when it believes the Union flag has not been flown on correct days.

Its protest this week coincided with a civic reception for the anniversary of a local Girls' Brigade troop.

In a statement following its meeting with the Vanguard Bears, a PUP spokesman said: "In what was seen as a very positive and productive meeting many issues were discussed, from maintaining the union, the development of a vibrant and strong political Unionist presence in Scotland, the negative role of 'Lundy' type individuals [traitors] and the impact they are having on Unionist co-operation in Scotland, to the deliberate untruths being peddled by media outlets and so-called academics.

"Both parties have agreed to continue to work together through maintaining the union, and the Progressive Unionist Party will send a delegation to Scotland, in the coming months, to address Scottish Unionists on the issues discussed.

"The PUP call on all Scottish Unionists to give their support to the Maintain the Union Campaign."

The Vanguard Bears said: "Among other issues, a discussion was held on the forthcoming independence referendum and the need for strong unionist representation in Scotland.

"In what was a very productive and rewarding meeting for both parties, a strategy was agreed, with the maintaining of the Union the immediate focus of attention.

"Further meetings between both groups will be scheduled."

Formed in 1979 and linked to the UVF, the PUP's main support base is in the loyalist working-class communities of Belfast.

It was led by the charismatic David Ervine before his death in 2007 and has been a supporter of the Good Friday Agreement.

But following the murder of the loyalist Bobby Moffat in 2010 several key members left the party, which then voted to retain its link with the UVF, which was responsible for almost 500 deaths during the Troubles.