A Scottish charity is to work with a leading supermarket to tackle drink problems among young people.

The £50,000 initiative will see Addaction - which works with those affected by drink or drug dependency - team up with Asda in Dundee, although it is hoped the model can be extended across the country.

The charity will work with a specialist youth agency in Dundee to identify young people at risk of developing serious problems with alcohol and offer them help. The project will look at the reasons behind people's drinking and offer them what Addaction says are proven effective interventions which will help them deal with alcohol more responsibly.

However, the holistic service will also encourage them to deal with personal problems in a healthier, more positive way.

The scheme is similar to work being done by the two organisations in a £1m partnership in Barnsley, Liverpool and Cornwall.

Addaction said it was already working in Dundee and many of the adults it saw were dealing with problem drinking which began when they were teenagers.

A spokesman added: "Like many places that Addaction works, Dundee has significant problems with alcohol. The new initiative seeks to prevent this developing by delivering effective early prevention, treatment and support services."

Addaction also said the joint scheme could reduce antisocial behaviour, street drinking and alcohol-related offending.

Andrew Horne, Director of Operations for Addaction in Scotland, explained: "Asda's generous funding will allow us to tackle these issues and establish a model of working that can be rolled out across the country."