IT was a place where camaraderie was forged, war stories exchanged and enough alcohol to float a battleship consumed on a near nightly basis.

For more than 80 years The Press Bar on Albion Street in Glasgow has been on hand with a medicinal whisky to nurse journalists through the rigours of their shifts and provide much needed sanctuary from irate editors.

But now the current owner is set to call time on his stint as proprietor and put the bar up for sale.

Vincent McEntee, 53, said it was time to head for pastures new. "I've been working there since I left school and I think 35 years behind one bar is more than enough," he said. "I'm looking forward to a new challenge. I won't be staying in the pub trade."

Opened in 1928 by Thomas McEntee, the venue was originally called the Express Bar on account of the Scottish Daily Express being resident in the building next door.

Ownership has been passed down through the McEntee generations, first to Thomas's three sons, Leo, Gerald and Des, then his grandson Vincent, who bought the bar 14 years ago.

The Press Bar was a popular haunt when the offices of The Herald and sister paper the Evening Times were on Albion Street. The tales from The Press Bar are legendary, not least that of one reporter whose bank manager enquired if he was being blackmailed by someone called "McEntee" as most of his cheques every month were made out to that name.

Even when The Herald and Evening Times moved away to new offices in 2000, the bar kept its distinctive name. "We get a lot of customers from the nearby university and the city council - there is life after newspapers," said Mr McEntee.

"I've thought about this decision long and hard because there is a big development being built across the road creating 1500 jobs. Whoever buys the bar will certainly get off to a good start."