ORGANISERS of a Loyalist parade who wanted to march through a section of Glasgow's east end "to put a burning stick into the nest" have been ordered to re-route their event and change the date.

The Regimental Blues, a group formed just this year, said it wanted to march through the Gallowgate and Barras district this Saturday to show its disapproval of all aspects of Irish Republicanism in Britain, adding that the area had become a "no-go area" for Loyalists.

But they were told by Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council the march posed a threat to public order, falling on a weekend with several major football games in the city, the Liberal Democrat conference and Bedroom Tax protests, as well as intelligence of counter-demonstrations.

At a meeting to determine whether the parade would proceed as requested, Regimental Blues chairman Kris McGurk stuck by his view that the event was intended to cause tensions, claiming he used such language as a he was "a man of the common tongue".

Mr McGurk, who described himself as a former British soldier and whose group is linked to a series of flag protests in Glasgow, also said the Gallowgate, a main thoroughfare on the way to Celtic Park and where many of the bars are frequented by supporters of the club, was out of bounds to Protestants and Loyalists.

Countering the claim, Police Scotland said in the past year the Gallowgate and surrounding area had hosted 24 Loyalist parades against 11 Republican events.

Mr McGurk, who was accompanied at the meeting by several supporters, said the Regimental Blues were prepared to shift some of their route but were adamant about proceeding up the Gallowgate, which on a Saturday also hosts the famous Barras market.

He said: "For years we've seen increased numbers of Republican parades, bands and committees picking up all over the city. It's getting to the point places are a 'no go area' for people like me. This parade is aimed at IRA propaganda. At Celtic games they're handing out paraphernalia. I go and pick it up. They hold meetings discussing their hatred of everything British. We're saying enough is enough."

Mr McGurk added: "We are a pressure group for the Protestant people of Scotland. I am just a common guy who speaks with a common tongue. There's no point in dressing it up. It will cause tensions. But for them for the simple fact they support terrorists."

He also said an alternative route along London Road would cause greater disruption to traffic and would be disrespectful to the congregation of a Catholic church along the route.

Police Scotland's representative at the meeting said there was a clear difference between Loyal Order parades which had historic purposes and that being proposed by the Regimental Blues.

He added: "This parade intends to cause maximum tension. It's not a protest about any particular issue but is intended to cause a reaction by people who may be along the route. There's no justification to behave in that fashion."

The group has been given the option of parading up London Road on an alternative date.