PLANS for two Scottish lectures by a controversial American preacher are to be discussed by Church of Scotland figures at a meeting next week.

Glasgow Presbytery is expected to seek to address concerns raised by some Church figures over the booking of Bishop Jack Spong - an Episcopalian who rejects the idea of a supernatural God and does not believe Christ died for man's sins - at Cairns Church, Milngavie, and Orchardhill Parish Church in Giffnock.

He is due to lecture at the two churches' Thinking Allowed series of events that will take place over the coming months. Each of the October lectures costs £12 per ticket.

Mr Spong, who also rejects the virgin birth and believes the resurrection was not a physical rising, has attracted admirers and critics alike. The preacher has been firmly in favour of Christian churches permitting homosexual clergy, but the points thought to have raised concerns are over his wider outlook to Christianity.

The meeting at the presbytery is expected to address issues over Mr Spong's views on the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is still a single God.

A Church of Scotland spokesman said no concerns were raised with the presbytery over Mr Spong's views on gay ordination and the public lectures are expected to go ahead as planned.