LEADING Scots entertainer John Barrowman has spoken out against independence for Scotland.


The performer, back in Glasgow this Christmas with the Krankies in Dick McWhittington at the Clyde Auditorium, revealed he's very much against such a move.

He said: "Scots should vote on the issue, let's have it out there. But I'd be really worried if we were not part of the UK collective.

"What if something goes wrong? Just look at the recent banking crises, for example. What if, after independence, Scots banks suffered. What then?

"And although it may sound a little more fanciful, what if there's an attack on Scottish shores and oil fields are threatened? Who could Scotland call upon to defend the country?"

Glasgow-born Barrowman, whose family emigrated to the States when he was a youngster, will be eligible to vote in the referendum as he is buying a house on the west coast.