THE campaign for a Yes vote should focus on the economy and what independence would mean for future generations if is to win over undecided voters next September, according to a new poll.

The Panelbase survey for the pro-independence website Wings Over Scotland found 49% of all voters cited the economy as a key factor, followed by prospects for children and grandchildren with 42%, and ensuring Scotland always gets the government it votes for at 29%. The economy was a higher priority for undecided voters, at 61%.

Top priority for those who said they would definitely vote Yes was choosing Scotland's government, cited by 60%, with future generations at 47%. No voters prioritised the economy (55%), but ranked the UK's status and influence around the world second, at 49%.

Overall, 35% backed a Yes vote, 43% a No vote, and 20% were undecided. Excluding undecideds, among those most likely to vote, support for Yes was 45% and No 55%.

Elections expert Professor John Curtice said the poll showed the Yes camp needed to concentrate on the economy, rather than the SNP hobbyhorse of Scotland choosing its own government.