Labour will today force a vote on the bedroom tax in the Commons as figures show a stark rise in the number of Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) tenants in rent arrears.

The proportion of those falling behind in their payments has risen by 13.8% according to figures obtained by Labour.

Shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran is today due to meet representatives from housing associations from Glasgow and the West of Scotland to discuss the issue.

Labour is unlikely to win the vote as the "bedroom tax", formally known as the spare room subsidy, is backed by both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

The policy sees those judged to have a spare room lose around £13.60 a week in housing benefit. It has proved controversial amid warnings that tenants are unable to move into smaller homes because there are not enough one and two bedroom flats.

Labour say that the policy is forcing desperate parents to take pay-day loans or use food banks to feed their children.

An opinion poll at the weekend showed that just over half of the population supported the policy, which Labour has pledged to scrap if it is elected in 2015.

Ms Curran has written to Lib Dem Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael urging him to vote against the bedroom tax.