Convictions for sexual crimes in Scotland rose 11% over a year, despite falling for almost all other types of offence.

There were 866 convictions for sexual crimes in the year 2012/13, up from 783 in 2011/12, according to official figures from Scotland's Chief Statistician.

Rape and attempted rape convictions increased 57% over the same period, from 49 to 77.

Convictions for sexual assault rose 37%, from 150 to 206, and other sexual crimes were up 15% from 384 to 441.

Statisticians link the higher number of sexual offence convictions to a widening of the definition of rape that came into force in December 2010.

Crimes of violence decreased 13% over the same period, with the exception of homicides, where the figure of 113 was 2% higher.

The number of people convicted under the age of 21 fell 21%, from 15,082 to 11,966 in the year to 2012/13, while overall convictions fell 7%.

The figure for those subject to proceedings in Scottish courts also fell 7% to 116,623, the largest annual fall in the last decade.

Convictions resulting in a custodial sentence fell 7% to 14,758 while community sentences increased 2% to 17,254.

The number of sentences of six months or less also dropped 8% to 9804.