THE Common Weal project, the offshoot of the Jimmy Reid Foundation examining policies which could make an independent Scotland a fairer society, attracted more than 800 supporters to a party in Glasgow to launch its new website and identity.

A logo was donated by design agency Tangent, representing a more balanced society and in rejecting a "me first" approach to politics. Common Weal's new slogan will be the name of its website,

The changes were launched at a function at The Arches in Glasgow, compered by comedian Janey Godley with music by Karine Polwart, a reading by Tam Dean Burn, comedy from Bruce Morton and an outline of Common Weal plans by foundation director Robin McAlpine.

He said: "We wanted to find a way to communicate an idea of a politics which work for all the people who those politics seek to govern, not just a few of them. People don't understand or recognise the language of politics any more, so we want to change that language.

"We've packed out a major city centre venue on a Sunday afternoon for the launch of a think-tank logo. If mainstream politics fails to recognise what is really going on in Scotland just now then that is its problem.

"Someone is going to offer ordinary people what they want, and when they do, everything will change."