MOHAMMAD is top name for babies born in Glasgow for the first time.

It was the most popular boys' name in the city last year, with 71 being given the name. The previous year it was the third most popular behind Riley and Daniel.

The most popular girls' name in Glasgow was Olivia, with 63.

Across Scotland, Jack and Sophie were the top names for the sixth year in a row.

Glasgow follows London where the combined spellings of the name Mohammad have been the most popular in the city for the past three years.

Many other European cities have recorded Mohammad as the most common boys name in recent years, particularly in France and Belgium and as the most popular Islamic forename it is estimated to be the most common given name in the world.

However, many Muslims who have Mohammad as their first name are known by their second forename, making its popularity less obvious.

Mohammad, the prophet of Islam, is the most famous example of the name and there have been many others people with the name using various spellings.

Some 561 boys across Scotland were named Jack in the first 11 months of this year, while 474 girls were given the name Sophie.

Jack has been in the top spot for six years in a row and represented 2.1% of the boys' names registered in 2013. Sophie - the first name of 1.9% of newborn girls registered this year - has held first place for nine consecutive years.

The statistics, published by National Records of Scotland (NRS), show that while the leading names remain constant, there are some notable fluctuations within the table of the top 100 most popular names.

For boys, James became the second most popular boys' name for the first time in this century, pushing Lewis into third.

Oliver rose six places to fourth, and Daniel is up one at fifth.

The two new entrants to the boys' top 10 were Lucas and Charlie, while Logan, Alexander and Harry completed the list. Ethan and Riley dropped out of the boys' top 10, but names such as Harris, Jacob, Noah and Thomas have pushed their way into the top 20.

For girls, Olivia climbed two places to become the second most popular name this year and, being registered 465 times, was just nine behind Sophie in numbers.

Emily fell from second to third, and Isla rose from sixth to fourth.

The girls' top 10 also had two new entrants in the shape of the names Ella and Millie, with Lucy, Ava, Amelia and Jessica making up the list. Lily and Mia fell out of the top 10 into the top 20, sitting alongside top 20 new entrant Erin.

Big climbers in the 2013 top 50 list included Leo and Kai for boys and Poppy and Daisy for girls.

Overall, the NRS registered the births of around 26,700 boys and 25,200 girls in the first 11 months of this year. The top 50 boys' first names accounted for 42% of all those registered while the top 50 girls' first names represented 40% of all names registered. During the period from January until the end of November, parents chose more than 7400 different first names for their children and around 4800 were unique.