Litter campaigners have appealed for a million Scots to form an army of pickers this year.

The independent environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful is calling all Scots to take the pledge to Clean Up Scotland, to stop dropping litter ,and to start picking up after their dogs.

The move to present Scotland at its tidiest comes ahead of an influx of visitors to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and Ryder Cup.

Clean Up Scotland campaign director Mark Bevan said: "Clean Up Scotland is all about Scots deciding to do something about the litter, dog dirt and other mess that blights our neighbourhoods and landscape. Not only do littered streets damage businesses and tourism opportunities but litter clearance costs Scotland more than £1m a week.

"If each and every one of us accepted the pledge to Clean Up Scotland; to not drop litter; to pick up after our dogs; and to pick up and bin or recycle a piece of litter a day, we could make an impact on our quality of life. It's up to us all to make a small difference: together, we can make Scotland the cleanest country in Europe."

Scots who make the promise will be joining a national coalition of Government, individuals, businesses and charities committed to making Scotland litter-free.