1 The UK pound.

2 Financial services companies can be headquartered in Scotland.

3 Safer banks.

4 Greater financial protection for savers and pensioners.

5 The UK's £860m cyber security programme.

6 Cheaper mortgages/insurance.

7 More government spending per head in Scotland.

8 Sharing the cost of communications networks and postal service.

9 Avoidance of business red tape.

10 Shared risks and spread costs.

11 Skilled armed forces backed by huge budget.

12 International influence to make a positive difference through alliances.

13 UK contributes to humanitarian aid globally.

14 Fiscal-revenue stream is steady, not volatile.

15 MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.

16 No borders for workers.

17 200+ existing institutions.

18 A strong university research base and infrastructure.

19 Skilled defence sector protecting/creating jobs.

20 Devolution.