A PENSIONER has returned to boxing training more than 45 years after he was forced to give it up as his sight deteriorated.

James Peline, 65, has lost both his sight and hearing due to Usher syndrome and is supported by charity Deafblind Scotland.

Mr Peline, from Cardonald, Glasgow, was a keen boxer as a teenager but had to stop when his sight got progressively worse. He returned to training six months ago as part of a charity initiative to keep him active and healthy.

His trainer communicates with him through a series of touches on his arms and shoulders.

Mr Peline will not compete in matches but the weekly sessions involve fitness drills and working on technique and hand speed.

Speaking via sign language through a Deafblind Scotland guide, Mr Peline said: "I love it. It is very hard work, but I enjoy it."

Trainer Tam Fraser offered to help out with Deafblind Scotland.

He said: "When we know someone has a disability and they used to box, I don't see how that should hinder them.

"To cope with absolutely no sight or hearing, but to still do this makes him a real inspiration to us all."

Boxing promoter Alex Morrisonhas invited him as guest of honour to his next fight night.