CADBURY has been voted the UK's happiest brand, followed by British toilet roll company Andrex and search engine Google.

Fairy detergents and Nivea took fourth and fifth place, followed by YouTube and Amazon, while Mars, Walkers and Heinz completed the top 10, the poll for advertising agency Isobel found.

Meanwhile, the bottom 10 of the 100-strong ranking was littered with political parties and banks.

The survey asked consumers to identify brands they thought were optimistic or pessimistic, playful or boring, happy or sad and whether or not they were trustworthy and generous.

The study also measured respondents' speed of reply to questions to gauge an emotional response.

The survey stated that social media giants Facebook and Twitter only made 72nd and 74th place.

British Airways was voted the UK's most trusted airline but Virgin Atlantic was the happiest, in 29th place, while Ryanair was in 97th place.