IT has been the birthplace of some of the most iconic characters to grace the printed page while also giving rise to some of the hottest new talent for decades.

Now the Scottish comic book industry could be on the verge of going global thanks to the revolution in digital production, which means that work can be shared and distributed at the touch of a button.

Comic book creators met in Glasgow last night for "Issue One", the first ever open-forum symposium for people working in the industry, to discuss the future of the business and how it can capitalise on its success.

The event in the Centre for Contemporary Arts, saw more than 100 comic book creators, publishers and fans discuss issues facing the industry.

As well as producing names such as the Beano and the Dandy, Scotland has given rise to writers such as Batman's Grant Morrison, John Wagner, creator of Judge Dredd and Mark Millar, the man behind the Kick Ass films.

Event organiser Sha Nazir, art director of publisher Blackhearted Press, said the time was right to help develop the industry to bring forth more talent and promote it on the biggest stage.

He said: "We have excellent grass roots comic creators working in Scotland and we have to think about how we can develop that community, and the industry as a whole. It would be good to get more recognition and be more accepted among the creative arts, such as Scottish Opera, Scottish ballet, and get help from the government to develop talent.

"Even 1% of the budget these organisations get would be an incredible help to the comic book industry in Scotland."