The overall outcome of the first week of our Indyref Personality Test can now be revealed, and it's a very clear-cut victory for the pro-independence campaign.

By 4pm on Sunday March 30,  some 15,000 readers had completed the test and 68% emerged as Yes voters, compared to 22% for No, and 10% who are deemed to be still sitting on the fence.

The test, which was originally designed to be primarily for fun, can't be regarded as a wholly accurate sampling exercise, but the massive degree of reader participation means campaign leaders will study the findings.

Its headline outcome differs significantly from most polls, which is probably a reflection of the fact that the Yes campaign is more active online, notably on social media. The test has been shared almost 4000 times.

But its core validity is underpinned in the breakdown by gender and age we publish, which shadows general poll findings: men are more in favour of independence (70-21), while women are less so (63-24).

Voters under 35 are more likely to back Yes (69-20), slipping in the 36-65 age bracket (68-22), and further still for over-65s (64-27).

There are also regional variations - the highest level of opposition to independence comes from readers outwith Scotland.

You can see the full breakdown below, and use the tabs on our graphic to see how the results break down by sex, age and location (for this category, mouse over the pie charts to read the data).

To take the test, go here