A little Lego couple take stunning holiday pictures of their travels around the world - and post on Facebook, sharing their adventures.

The tiny tourists carry a backpack, camera and map in their teeny sight-seeing snaps and have visited 11 countries - taking sunshine shots of each place they visit.

The tourists have visited Scotland, England, France, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand and are currently snapping their way through Australia.

The adventurous models are captured surfing, sunbathing, rowing and cycling on their happy holidays - and even share their romantic moments on beaches and in bars.

The holiday couple are the tiny Lego counterparts of real-life couple Craig and Lindsay Haggerty.

The couple are using their Lego look-alikes to capture their memorable moments as they soak up the sights from various destinations around the world.

Craig, 31, from Falkirk, and Lindsay, from Gargunnock, near Stirling, now live in Australia, having moved to Perth last October.

Mr Haggerty said: "I was thinking of things to get my girlfriend for her 30th birthday and I came across a little Lego camera.

"This gave me some inspiration - we like to travel as much as we can, and when we visit a new city or go somewhere on holiday.

"Lindsay always has the camera for taking pictures and I carry the map and a bag with our things.

"So I made two Lego figures to represent us - Lego Lindsay with the camera and Lego me with the map and rucksack - and that was the first gift I gave her when we were in Paris for her 30th.

"When we were out sightseeing we took a few picture of 'Lego us' with the main tourist sights in the background and joked about making a Facebook page.

"We enjoy including our Lego counterparts in our shots.

"You'd be surprised how long it takes to get some of the pictures just right."