A CIVIL servant has been sacked for making offensive Wikipedia edits about the Hillsborough disaster, but efforts to find other culprits are being abandoned, Francis Maude has said.

A junior administrator has been identified as being behind posts in 2012 and fired for gross misconduct, the Cabinet Office minister said. The 24-year-old, born in London but based in Liverpool, changed the phrase "You'll never walk alone", the anthem of Liverpool FC, to read: "You'll never walk again."

He was tracked down after a daily newspaper and internet group Wikipediocracy cross-referenced his social media history and work records.

Mr Maude said in a statement to MPs: "Extensive further inquiries were taken forward as a Civil Service disciplinary matter, involving potential breaches of the Civil Service Code. An individual was then subject to a formal disciplinary investigation and dismissed for gross misconduct on the grounds of responsibility for the 2012 edits."

Describing the individual as a "young, junior administrative officer", Mr Maude said it was "long-standing practice that in such cases an individual's name will not be made public".

But he said the investigation had been unable to identify the source of other abusive edits, which began on the 20th anniversary of the 1989 tragedy in which 96 Liverpool fans died.