TV presenter and DJ Nicky Campbell has criticised former BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten for saying that the broadcaster does not have enough women.

The 5 Live DJ accused Lord Patten of being "ignorant", saying that he did not know what the BBC put on-air.

In an interview which took place before the corporation announced that two of its most prominent female 5 Live DJs, Shelagh Fogarty and Victoria Derbyshire, were leaving, he criticised the ex-chairman over comments he made about women at the BBC.

The Edinburgh-born star said: "He's just so ignorant. It drives us mad at 5 Live because we've got some of the greatest female broadcasters in the country, and he only listens to Radio 4 and 3."

Campbell said: "If I was chairman of the BBC, I would have made it my task to find out what was on the BBC, wouldn't you?

"Though in a way it's quite good that this man at the heart of the British Establishment, a life in ermine - doesn't really know about 5 Live because we're a little bit of a cuckoo in the nest at the BBC."

Lord Patten, who stood down from his role with immediate effect, on health grounds, in May, previously said that there were not enough women in on-air roles at the BBC.

Vice-chairman Diane Coyle has taken over as acting chairman until a successor is appointed.

While Fogarty and Derbyshire are leaving 5 Live of their own accord, the BBC has been criticised for hiring men to lead the station's new line-up despite director-general Lord Hall saying that the corporation should have more women in senior roles.